Is it every gay guy or just me???

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    Mar 03, 2013 2:17 AM GMT
    For a while now....I was wondering is it just me or every gay out there think about sex all time.some times i draw a conclusion saying that everybody does...but some times i feel like its just me.
    I think about sex all the time,when i see some body or something on tv or news...where ever and when ever...all i think is about sex sex sex.Not for a minute I can keep my thoughts away from it.
    C'mon who does that?

    I wanna know about you guys too.Help me out
  • DevDev

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    Mar 03, 2013 4:31 AM GMT
    im thinking about it right now.

    mostly any male image or thought will make me horny but I don't always act on it.

    I masturbate at least once a day and sometimes I go a week without masturbation but I have sexual thoughts every day.

    its natural in my eyes.