This might surprise some of you liberals but I am truly impressed with the change Barry Obama has brought to America. Note that I did not say the change was good, but Barry has been damn effective at bringing about change.

I for one am looking forward to springtime at my new home base. Spring after all is when the snow is gone and riding in the jump seat is pleasurable rather than nerve racking.

photo JumpSeatApproach_zps1165038c.jpg

photo JumpSeatApproach3_zpsc9a2d254.jpg

Runway 14 of course. This was taken in April '11 at the end of an 8.5 hour leg in from the U.S. Winds have abated and the east bound leg is increasing in flight time as the west bound route falls off in time. This was taken at about 200 feet.

photo JumpSeatApproach20feet_zps9b668a3d.jpg

At about 20 feet. Seconds away from thrust reversal. The old gal comes in slow due to excellent wing design. The view shows one of the few technically corect runways in the world. Each end is slightly higher than the middle.