I saw Tom Goss, sunday night, in concert. I absolutely loved him!
He played in the sanctuary of the North UCC Church, on Henderson Rd., in Columbus. It was a small and intimate group....about 50 people GREAT SHOW!
I got to meet him and get some pics...and talked with him before and after the show....He is a REAL guy, and as sweet and funny as you would hope.

I had never heard of him before Wednesday, 2/27/2013.......I was on "GROWLr". when I got this "shout out"...which is a broadcast message....advertising this show. I sent a response...and we chatted for the next several days....about all types of topics.....from why the show was in a church, why he was doing this show as a "donations" based payment, his feelings on religion, and relationships, and sex...etc....
Hell I felt like I knew him better than some of my friends....Of Course it doesn't hurt that he's cute , and loves BEARS....LOL!

He played for about 2 hours....and covered stuff from all of his CD's and EP's and unreleased....