What do you think is the most optimistic song ever written?

Here's my nomination: Handel's Dopo notte from his opera Ariodante. At the end of the work, after the title hero has been subjected to numerous trials and tribulations, everything works out well. He is overjoyed and sings that the dark night is over and the sun is illuminating the heavens.

Below is a link to the alto Susan Graham singing it. Although the music is highly demanding technically, her performance sounds effortless. Better, unlike many altos, she sounds as if she is genuinely enjoying herself.

The song was originally written for the renowned castrato Senesino. Now, you might ask what that is. A castrato was a man who was "fixed" (like you fix a Tom cat) prior to puberty to preserve his high-pitched voice. In addition, such fixing caused him to develop an abnormally large chest. The combination often resulted in devastatingly extraordinary singers. The last castrato didn't die until the early 20th century, though, by that time, they were rarely used.

And you think wearing a condom is burdensome!

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