How am I doing today?

After suffering through another day of job searching, my thoughts turned to my quality of life in Texas. In NYC, I never felt like I had less than other people. In Texas, I have consistently been the loser and the have less, have not.

So, I asked myself is that a way to live? Is that a future to look forward to: constant, unrelenting poverty: poverty in finances, in mindset?

I never was one to care who had more than I did. I just wanted to have enough to meet my needs. That's not happening in Texas.

And it was happening less in NYC as they constantly raised public transportation more than 5% a year. I remember when they raised the subway from $1.00 to $1.25. I said, come on, that's 25%. COME ON! (EXPLETIVE.) We work our butts off in NYC and can only get a 2-4% raise at our corporate jobs, but rent goes up 5-7% and public transportation goes up 25%.

So, at some point, be it now or at age 67, I'm leaving to live at least as many years as I lived in Texas/Louisiana under a Saturn on the DS beam under better astrological angle beams or free of them.

Until then, may the matrix of the solar system bless me, may the Holy Spirit of a saving Christ guide me for all those involved.

My transit for today is Retrograde Mercury conjunct my Natal Jupiter
"The Larger View"

Valid during several weeks: Psychologically, this influence broadens your comprehension of any issue that you are interested in and your understanding of life in general as you encounter it today.

You are concerned with the largest, most comprehensive possible view, and you are eager to incorporate new information into your way of looking at the world.

At the same time you are intellectually more tolerant of other viewpoints, seeing them not as a threat to your views, but as a way of enlarging them.

Your ability to see the larger view today enables you to plan with foresight.

Where others see only confusion, you can see a pattern and come up with insights that will amaze others.

In business or social activities you are able to organize very effectively, grouping people together so they can work most efficiently.

This is the word of the Majestic Matrix of the Solar System.
Thanks be to God.