solid cock ring and your measurement

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    Mar 16, 2013 2:44 AM GMT
    I recently upgraded from leather snap to first ever stainless solid metal ring, interesting I found a conversion chart for sizing, dividing by Pi (3.14) once you get your measurement. When I did my measure and the math, the end result was a larger size than what I was fitted with. The gay guy at the adult leather store was kind enough to fit one, sized properly, show me how to put it on, wear it and take it off. The chart and math had me at 2" dia, my old leather snap had me at 1 7/8" dia, the guy fit me with a 1 3/4" dia. I did try on a solid ring of 1 7/8" and felt comfortable but i wanted it so i could wear during the day without it falling off, 1 7/8" would have worked, but the store guy has had more experience and prob has fitted other guys so i went with the 1 3/4", proper fit matters when going to a solid ring, it really works well when very erect!

    So if you are a solid cockring wearer, whats your size?, these are the common sizes in incriments of 1/8, did you measure and buy on line or were you fitted by some nice guy in the store?

    Me: 1 3/4" but could also fit 1 7/8" if i didnt want to wear during the day

    Diameter (ring size)

    5.11" 1 1/2"
    5.5" 1 3/4"
    5.89" 1 7/8"
    6.28" 2"
    6.67" 2 1/8"

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    Mar 18, 2013 9:04 AM GMT
    I recently added a solid metal ring to the collection, but just went in and tried a couple to get the correct size - not sure what size it is though :-/