Gay South African Movie — "Beauty (Skoonheid)"

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    Mar 17, 2013 2:11 AM GMT
    Has anyone watched it? I saw it on Netflix streaming last night...and I'm not sure I'm glad I did. It was extremely disturbing, but after reading some reviews on it, I also see that it has a good message about how sexual repression leads people down really sick paths. Basically a waste of a life.

    It also dealt with the issue of racism in S. Africa, tying it with homophobia with the older S. African men. However, it did this in a sinister way portraying all the black people in the movie as extremely feminine and desperate.

    It was really slow too, I only kept watching because the object of obsession is really hot.



    The movie has stayed in my head though and I kind of want to discuss it.
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    Mar 17, 2013 3:27 AM GMT

    ::SPOILER ALERT:: below:

    So I was wondering why Christian didn't report the guy to the police after the brutal incident as well and I think this comment is pretty spot on:

    varun sharma"There is something called social stigma in some parts of the world, Here rape is treated as a taboo and the victim is often blamed and ridiculed. Barbaric it may sound but unfortunately what it is it is. Charlie Keegan did not want to attract the attention of family, fiancee and police for the male rape. All he showed was anger and breakup with his girl. Perhaps that's what he thought was best he could do post-rape. I personally don't agree with this non-action."

    I guess he didn't report it out of shame. It makes sense but it's kind of infuriating because I want some sense of justice.