I'm visiting Barcelona Alone for 5 days, Looking for an unforgettable time. I would appreciate if you can share some information about this lovely city that I am about to visit for the first time.

I just wanna tell you about myself so that you can suggest the right places for me. I'm a nice well educated, well traveled guy, good looking I assume icon_razz.gif straight acting and down to earth.

Usually when I travel, I like to taste a bit of everything from the dive bars to the most exquisite lounge or restaurant. I's gonna be difficult this time because I'm all alone by myself and I have a very limited time..

As you may noticed, I'm a party animal, looking for bars, nightclubs, nice unusual authentic restaurants, and trendy nice boutiques

I'm gonna stay at the Hilton Barcelona, I hope that was a nice pick though.
Mostly looking for:

1- Nice gay bars where I can meet new people around my age and socialize.

2- Night clubs: I can see that you have a good number of nightclubs which I have no clue about since it is my first time to visit. I appreciate if you help me picking the right ones.

3- Exquisite restaurants and lounges, maybe tapaz ones, wine and dine.

4- gay strip bars : I'm a former stripper long time a go

5- gay or drag shows.: what is vacation without a drag show icon_razz.gif

6- a hookup bar where i can find the right guy .. tick tock tick tock.,. icon_razz.gif

I appreciate if you help me planning my trip to Barcelona.. and share you experience

Thank you very much