Gay Socializing S. Vermont

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    Mar 20, 2013 3:53 AM GMT
    I'm visiting some friends in Arlington and wondering what kind of bar scene there might be within an hour or so radius. Any standouts?

    Additionally one of my friends in Arlington is single and looking for options to socialize and make gay friends - but not looking to hook up necessarily (he's quite handsome and intelligent) and is looking for friends first... Other possibilities down the line - but really he's mainly looking to socialize.

    The catch: he doesn't have a license or car yet (don't ask - this will hopefully change). He's nearly my age and - looks rather young/well for his age.

    I honestly don't know what to suggest to him aside from wheels. Anyone have some constructive suggestions and/or local insight?

    Much Thanks!
  • inmidair

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    Mar 20, 2013 7:20 AM GMT
    I lived in Brattleboro for a year and a half and it really helped me to understand why gay men migrate to cities. In places like Vermont, there aren't really enough of us to sustain a gay community (given that we are only X% of the population). My experience of living in a village of straight people surrounded by wilderness felt very isolated and lonely.

    I believe the closest places with enough gay men to have rudimentary-sized gay communities are Albany, NY and Northampton, MA. You should also consider that even if your friend gets his license, heavy snow and ice tends to shut people in for four or more months out of the year.

    Your friend may have a bit of luck in Brattleboro itself... When I was there, they tried to start a gay film festival, but I don't think it gained enough traction to keep happening. Many of the people who came were from western Massachusetts rather than Brattleboro itself. I searched on the web and found a link to a bear-themed film festival in Vermont, so even if the bear community isn't his thing, maybe the organizers have some more helpful advice than I do:

    If your friend is genuinely serious about cultivating a gay social circle, though, he may have to weigh his social needs against whatever is keeping him tied to small town Vermont.