Blink 182's sleeper EP that is actually great in parts!

Calvin Harris' - 18 Months (Continuous Mix) a cohesive culmination of his entire CD that is AMAZING individually or altogether.

Something that isn't Call Me Maybe but just as catchy.

What should've been her release single...

Something a bit jazzier for my more mellow people...

Deadmau5 did a song that didn't involve wubawuba and is very subdued.

But you can't forget that Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance got in on his latest CD and smashed it.

That not only Angels deserved to fly, but he was Drunk when he woke up.

SHIT Quality, but keep your eyes and ears PEELED for Ester Dean. For us music lovers she's been in the game behind the scenes for quite a while. A true throwback to Missy Elliot times. She was the voice behind Super Bass for Nicki Minaj.

A Romanian pop star who is set to take off huge if America accepts her. (Her album Party Never Ends is better than any Britney album)

A Ke$ha song that went unreleased in High Quality until recently and now people are DEMANDING it be placed into circulation. Clearly, it should be.

Partial Dubstep, partial dance music, Krewella is on the DJ scene as a mainstay and this is now apart of radio as we know it.

Morgan Page, like David Guetta does a lot of guest appearances, but not from well known artists and all of his songs are not upbeat. Give his album "In The Air" a chance and you can find at least ONE song you'll have on replay.

Instead of releasing a full album, they did a "weapon" series with 2 songs per-download. They're all amazing. MCR has recovered and reinvented.

Like Pink, but with more attitude and not giving a fuck.

A music video WORTH watching if you don't even like the song. It's nothing short of awesome.

Keep an eye out for Paris Blohm!
"My sister, Chloe Blohm, passed away in 2011. She inspired hundreds of people with her art, and her uplifting and loving personality even while facing her crippling disease, muscular distrophy. This song is dedicated to her because her 'Presence' is still here, pushing me and the ones who had the pleasure of knowing her. She did more than most able-bodied people ever even thought of doing. She leaves on the light, when the world goes dark. This song is a tribute to her."
"I will leave on the light when the world goes dark."

Although she's like Fetch and is not happening, this song came from her debut album and is still amazing.

A rock band that is the farthest thing from Spanish decided to shake it up and their album is amazing.

Sharon Needles came out with an album and about four of the songs are listenable!

Silverstein's new record is beyond amazing, however, the acoustic version of this song is so much better, so the next one is that!

That's okay if you don't know who the Stafford Brothers are, apparently we'll find out within the next year!

A song by Taylor Swift that is almost Adele worthy.

The songstress hits RnB with two free EP's. No Hush applies to many, many people with keeping someone "hush".

A personal favorite as it makes me think of so much and transcends most music out. Something that is worth the listen no matter what genre you like.

And that, my acquaintances, is some of the good shit you may have missed in the music realm!