Looking to fall in love with someone in Los Angeles

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    Mar 25, 2013 8:18 PM GMT
    My name is Ken and I started dating when I was 18 years old but for some reasons, im still single icon_smile.gif) for a relationship to work beside efforts, luck is another important factor, so i will keep trying for my luck here in LA which is hard but not impossible. The only failures are the ones who stop trying.


    What kind of person do I like?

    A) no one care.
    B)Back then in Vietnam, when I was a kid what I enjoyed about American movie the most was those big and dominant men who wore their suits to work and always looking so confidence. Thus, i was so happy during the day that i left for American with a thinking, "there will be plenty of those men over there yeath." What a stupid kid who had a strong believe in American propraganda LOL. (Just kidding).
    C) Bob Saget

    And your final answer is B, but Bob is kind of cute though, so if you are in the B or C or any category, feel free to respond because after failing 5 years straigh when it comes to relationship, i cannot be picky anymore. Being picky now is like an straigh F student who wants to attend Harvard.

    Anyway, be older, be masculine, and someone that i can talk to. What im really looking for is someone that i can build a connection with over time, and be there for that person during good and bad time.

    Im one of those kids who enjoy good conversations, classical music, movies, long walk at the beach, reading.....and craiglisting when i feel lonely icon_smile.gif

    Sexually, im a bottom. It is kind of weird to announce this fact here, but i just dont want to get involve with a wrong person.

    Im 5 foot7, 136 pounds.

    It will be nice if you send an face picture.

    Please please please please dont send nude pics, or pics with your belly, or any pics with an attemp to copy David Beckham doing underwear advertising campaign.

    My emails is nguyen_tuyen93@yahoo.com and im 100% real. You can send me a message through this forum if you like.
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    Mar 25, 2013 8:41 PM GMT
    Yeah, you all sorts of fake. No Asian from Vietnam writes like this, "I enjoyed about American movie the most was those big and dominant men."

    My long time "something or other" LingLang speaks perfect English, except Friend Rice, that one still throws him for some reason. You? Yeah, obvious faker.

    But to answer your question, dammit, I forgot the point of your post. I am guessing it was related to animal husbandry and in that case, stop abusing your cat.
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    Mar 25, 2013 9:57 PM GMT
    D) Dave Coulier