Is There Life after Death?

One person gave the class the answer: No there is no life after death because people would treat other people much better and value human life much higher if they knew they were committing a crime against a one of a kind person. If people thought there was reincarnation, they would value life less and there would be more crime.

Does God Intervene in World Events?

One person gave the class the answer: No.

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Here is my prep for next class:


What are some of the top Mundane Events in World History.

The one I would like to add to the list is the Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto conjunction of 590-550 B.C.E. This is connected to the concept of the "Axial Age."

The Axial Age was written about by Karl Jaspers.
Karen Armstrong wrote a book called "The Great Transformation."
Richard Tarnas has a chapter in Cosmos and Psyche called "The Great Awakening of the Axial Age."

I look forward to the mundane events that stand out for you.

Thank you.