Warrior Dash Lake Elsinore, CA April 6th

  • 1lonelyroad

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    Apr 01, 2013 7:30 PM GMT
    I'm doing the Warrior Dash in Lake Elsinore April 6th and have an extra ticket to the VIP tent with private showers but I'm running this one solo(no team); if you are going to be in the same event do you want the ticket?

    I'm just throwing it out there to the community. Hit me up if you want it. My start time is 12:30.
  • 1lonelyroad

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    Apr 03, 2013 7:51 PM GMT
    Or if you can't make it and you want to donate this is what I've been working toward:

    Only a couple more days....
    Raised - $870
    Goal - $1000

    This is where the money goes: St Jude Children's research hospital
    $100 could pay for a party celebrating a milestone in a patient's treatment
    $250 could help provide two chest X-rays
    $500 could help provide domestic airfare for a member of a St. Jude family
    $1,000 could help provide one day of chemotherapy for a leukemia patient

    Donate here: