Schizophrenia. O__o

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    Apr 04, 2013 5:26 AM GMT
    I was just wonderin' if any fellow jocks with nice cocks suffered from my condition that goes a little by the name of schizO>? And if so how do you deal with it >?
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    Jul 19, 2013 9:06 PM GMT

    Please tell a little more about your symptoms...
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    Oct 24, 2013 6:40 PM GMT
    i had a psychiatrist aggressively try to label me as schizophrenic with a borderline personality.

    turns out it was only drug-related psychosis.


    (and yes, she knew i was doing drugs at the time.)

    i have very strong feelings against the psychiatric community. in this current social climate, yes: schizophrenia needs to be medicated--but the ultimate answer is that people with mental health issues need vast amounts of attention that our system cannot provide in a cost-efficient manner.

    my opinion regarding schizophrenia is that the affected individual has suffered a break from reality and is stuck in his own fantasy world. rather than tell him he's insane, give him a full-time support worker and supervise him 24/7 in a non-invasive manner to assist him in reconciling his delusions with reality. if he is aggressive, that would be a reason to medicate at first, but the goal should be to have him healthy without the pills. that is not how our health system works at present; if you are schizophrenic, it is assumed that you will be taking pills for the rest of your life.

    he needs to get out of his head and the only way to do that is by constantly discussing his delusions and hearing feedback on his thoughts and opinions. why does he think that everyone can hear his thoughts, or that he's telepathic? probably because he doesn't have anyone who will listen to this nonsense and to lovingly prove him wrong. (i use the word 'nonsense' in an ironic manner.)

    yeah, this method would take years and cost thousands of dollars, but in the end i imagine he wouldn't need drugs to remain stable.

    you're probably thinking, "but that's just therapy..."--but you only see your therapist once a week, for one hour. that is not enough.

    while i was undergoing this 'drug-related psychosis', i was on anti-psychotic drugs. they are terrible. fucking horrible. all you want to do is sleep. besides which, the treatment you receive is cold and based on a revolving door system. they can plainly see that they're using band-aids to patch up serious wounds but they've got to get you out the door to handle the next patient. the attitude is essentially "take this pill and go sit quietly in that corner until we call you again".

    it's bad enough these individuals are already suffering mental distress. there's no need to punish them further with drugs that suck all the joy and happiness out of their life as well. the drugs are only repressing the issues, not fixing them.

    after the shocking treatment i received (going back to the "whoops, it wasn't schizophrenia, it was drug-related psychosis"), i stopped using street drugs and focused on my own personal well-being: i started going to the gym and found new ways to express myself creatively. six years later and independent from the psychiatric institute, i am now happier and more stable than i ever was. in other words, i did 'go sit quietly in the corner', but i did not take the pill and i will not answer them when they call because they're assholes.

    anyhow. i believe this is one problem that money *can* fix. but let's just keep wasting billions of dollars on shitty hollywood movies and blah-blah-blah rant-rant-rant.

    EDIT: oh, just to be clear: i got a second opinion from another psychiatrist. it's not like i diagnosed myself with drug-related psychosis. it was after hearing two irreconcilable versions of the same story that i decided they were both full of shit and walked away.
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    Aug 01, 2014 5:13 PM GMT
    Around The World, Schizophrenia Isn't Always Seen As Debilitating

    Luhrmann hypothesized that if patients diagnosed with schizophrenia can change the way they perceive the voices in their head, they might be able to better control the disorder.

    "In my experience, those who are taught to interpret their voices as guides tend to have the most success in handling the disease," she told The Huffington Post. "It’s a new, radical way of thinking about how to handle psychiatric voices that suggests if you identify them, interact with them, name them and come to know them, they may behave better, they may be more generous and less harsh."

    Luhrmann acknowledged that this approach would not work for everyone, but said it has important implications for treatment.

    "Harsh, violent voices so common in the West may not be an inevitable feature of schizophrenia," she said.
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    Aug 05, 2014 6:06 AM GMT
    One of my roommates has it...err, had it. Turns out it was drug-induced while he was using. Now that he's been clean over two years, the doc just pronounced him "no longer schizophrenic" a few weeks ago.

    Of course, he's still a crazy mother fucker on a mountain bike. He's the "other" dude in the video on my profile page.