I'm interested in doing more mountaineering in this and coming years. I'm a pretty decent roped climber, equipped with the physical skills to get to most summits. I'm also a very solid backpacker, easily covering a lot of ground, even with a pack and gaining lots of elevation.

But I haven't had a lot of experience routefinding and the thought of climbing unprotected with real exposure does turn my stomach a little bit, even if it's easy. The Whitney Mountaineer's Route is described as being class 3 slabs, and depending on the exposure that sounds possibly nerve-wracking.

I guess my main question is...what does Class 3 scrambling feel like? I have a few benchmarks: Shasta was Class 3 but covered in snow, therefore pretty easy with an ice axe and crampons. I had to scramble through an ugly talus field after losing the trail somewhere else in the Sierra, and took a challenging route up Mt. Washington in New Hampshire, where I was using my hands for a bit more than balance...but I never felt like I would fall very far so it didn't bother me much. What about Class 4 scrambling?

Would be interested in hearing what others have done.