So in terms of nutrition:

i usually limit the amount of white rice for carbs and focus on other stuff like whole grain bread or quinoa
mostly eat veggies eggs, lean meat, some nuts, drink water n tea.
trying to do 5-6 small meals a day.
trying to keep my intake of antioxidants high.
I do consume a good amount of ginger n cinnamon daily (apparently they inhibit fat absorption)

as for exercise:

I do short but intense resistance exercises that can basically tire you out in like 15 mins this include body/strength exercises such as pushups, burpees side planks.
rest for a lil while then hit hte treadmill and do a short but very intense 15 min. HIIT interval run.

i try to exercise 5 times a week.

are there any tips you can give to improve?

I want to be below 10% by July