This summer , GM is finally selling the Chevy Cruze turbo diesel in the U.S .
We have had it here in OZ for a while now , i have driven both the petrol and diesel version of the Holden Cruze , and the diesel is definitely the best of both .
Also GM , might be offering the 2.5 or 2.8 liters diesel motors in the new Colorado ( which will be an exact copy of the Australian Holden Colorado )
Cars buyers in America have always been reluctant to buy diesel cars , compared with Australia , Africa and Europe , in fact only Mercedes-Benz and VW sells diesel powered cars and suv's in the U.S , Jeep does too but those are equipped with a Mercedes Benz motors .
So , how many of you mates , would buy the Cruze or the new Colorado equipped with a diesel motor ?

2013 Holden colorado