when i was even younger, around 16 i wanted to finger my ass, but then i couldnot actually insert it more than one inch. and then totally lost interest in my ass,
a month back a i tried fucking a virgin and could not penetrate, he would not let me finger him or anything, so i was real worried if i was a loser. so i thought of finding out how tight can an ass be.
i m not very muscular, just avg. he was much more muscular of corse, even his chest and ribs were like solid rock. anyway i thought of trying a cucumber, they are organic so less chances of physical/sharp cuts then plastic or finger( fingers have nails, dirty and too sharp for soft anal tissues).
the cucumber was 10cm and about as thick as the cap of a plastic pepsi bottle.
so after a lot of poking and pushing i could insert it a bit, and after few more minutes the whole of it, i did not feel anything. just a bit of unnoticable pain while doing the initial thirsts.
so after inserting the whole of it i tried slipping it in and out like four times but i felt like pooping and my ass has already widened up for that, and it was dull and boring
so when i removed it there was blood on it, not a little bit but like a pepsi bottle cap full, may be half full but still it meant i have teared up the orifice's tissues.
i have noticed blood on my penis when i fuck other guys but then, their arses are loose enough so its not like i am tearing up their tissues or anything, the blood could be from the rectum, i never studied this part of the body in detail.
the cucumber was thinner than my penis.
its like a week since then,but even now my ass pains. though its almost okay now i think it willbe back to normal in a few more days...
so comment on this and let me know if its normal of wierd or anything?
also am i loser coz i could not insert my penis up that guy? most of the guys ive had sex with were like open arsed(no offense but i could not find more flowery words, apologies), this one was real tough and virgin, probably might have had sex a few times, also my penis is thicker at the top, big headed icon_sad.gif
wierd or normal?
and does it actually bleed that much? did you guys do something about it or will it get okay? relate...