Every now and then I watch the Bound Gods, Men on Edge, Naked Kombat videos.

Who is the Asian Guy in these videos? Is he a celebrity?

They seem to be filmed at the San Francisco Armory.

Is getting into BDSM scene the only way to get hung upside down for health benefits?

I guess if I lived in San Francisco, I could go to the Armory and tell them I want to be trained or something.

What was I missing in NYC?

Every now and then, you see guys who have those wooden Xs where they strapped themselves to it or have someone do it for them.

Why don't people do anti-gravit boots like in the 70s? With all the fitness infomercials, I would think the benefits of being upside down once a week would be in more fitness videos.

If they can have safe BDSM training, the fitness industry should have an upside down room.