Toronto Muddy York Rugby team needs your help to send players to the Bingham Cup 2014 in Sydney Australia. Check out our new promo video to promo our fundraising efforts:

Toronto Muddy York Rugby Club provides a friendly and supportive environment for young gay men and women who want to learn to play rugby. Not only that, it also helps young gay men and women to embrace their sexuality, be proud of their diversity and aspire them to achieve their very best potential in life.

The Bingham Cup is an international rugby tournament that highlights the problems of homophobia in sport and helps dispel stereotypes about the gay community. In 2014, The Bingham Cup takes place in Sydney, Australia and more than 1500 players, from over 35 teams, from every corner of the world are expected to attend. Attending and participating in this tournament would be a fantastic opportunity for our young team players and would push them even harder to achieve more both in the sport and their own personal goals.

Unfortunately many of our young players simply do not have the finances available to travel to Sydney and participate in the tournament. Any donation amount that you can afford would be great. You can easily and safely donate on-line by clicking on this link:

Thanks guys!