Help me with a new and better routine!

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    Apr 25, 2013 12:35 AM GMT
    A bit of background: I've been working out for nearly 10 months now and I am getting good results. I have been working with my current routine (below) for about 5 months but I think I've hit the plateau. I also think I'm bulking up too much for my liking... I want to look lean and "ripply" and to build strength. Thus, I want to built a new work out for my arms and chest. Any tips would be appreciated!

    My current routine
    Mondays/Wednesdays: Arms
    - Standing Dumbbell Curl/Hammer Curls 40lb 8-10reps at 3 sets
    - Seated Dumbbell Curl 35lb 8-10 reps at 3 sets
    - Ez-bar curl 60lb 8-10reps at 3 sets
    - Barbell curl 50lb 8-10reps at 3 sets
    - Standing Dumbell Shoulder Press 35lb 8-10 reps at 3 sets
    - Standing Barbell Shoulder Press 70lb 8-10 reps at 3 sets
    - Standing Side Lateral Raise 25lb 8-10 reps at 3 sets
    - Lying ez bar 60lb 8-10 reps at 3 sets
    - Tripcepts press down 60lb 8-10 reps at 3 sets
    - Dumbell Kickback 25lb 8-10 reps 3 sets
    - Dumbell Shoulder Shrug 50lb 8-10 reps 1 set

    Tuesday/Thursdays/Saturdays: Chest
    - Push Ups 25 reps 3 sets
    - Flat Bench Dumbbell Press 45lb 8-10reps 3 sets
    - Incline Bench Dumbell Press 40lb 8-10reps 3 sets
    - Flat Bench Barbell Press 25lb 8-10reps 3 sets
    - Incline Bench Barbell Press 25lb 8-10 reps 3 sets
    - Seated Pec-Fly 109lb (?) 8-10 reps 3 sets

    Friday: Core (I don't wish to change these)
    Sit ups
    Floor planks
    Swiss-ball planks
    Elevated-feet planks
    Side Planks
    Swiss-Ball Jackknife
    Mountain Climbers
    V ups

    PLUS Twice a week I swim OR bike (I cycle to school/work almost everyday too) which I think its good to cover my back and legs and Twice a week I do ab ripper X.
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    Apr 28, 2013 2:57 PM GMT
    I noticed that you're averaging about 8-10 reps. If you don't want to bulk up, try averaging 10-15 reps and lower weights.

    Reason being is you're building up your fast twitch muscles (which you typically develop at the lower rep ranges) and if you go on the 10-15 rep range with less weight, you'll develop your slow twitch muscles which don't get as developed. It always helps to cycle off your current routine with a week or two of high rep range regardless.

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong.