I'm going to try this routine out. I made it up so I don't know how effective it's going to be and I haven't heard of anyone else doing this. I know that experienced lifters are going to tell me to follow a specific routine but I go to the gym to have fun and this routine looks like it's going to be a lot of fun.

Monday- compound movements
Bench press
Rowing movement
Arnold press
Squat/leg press

Tuesday-Isolation movements
Chest Flys
Shoulder flys
Upright Rows (not an isolation movement but it might as well be)
Rear delt flys
Arm curls
Tricep kickbacks
Leg curls
Leg extension
Calf raise
I'm probably forgetting some but you get the point.

Thurs - Compound
Friday - Isolation

I've never seen a spit like this and it's probably not going to be ideal for muscle building but I'd like to try it. Hitting each muscle group 4 times a week is something that most routines don't have you doing. I'm going to do this routine for these reasons 1. Protein synthesis is only elevated for about 48 hours after training in a natural so resting muscles for a longer time than that is pointless 2. Doing isolation movements every other workout will give my CNS time to recover from the heavy compound day. 3. It's going to be more fun than other full body routines like stronglifts or starting strength because I'm not doing the same workout every time.