last November one of my wee dogs who is now 14. had an acedent that left her unable to walk. The first few weeks I had to force feed her and everything. But I could still see a spark in that old girl. So instead of having her put down, I continued to care for her, in a hope she would walk again.

Well with lots of physio, love and care. I was to get home last tuesday, to have her calling out to me, because I was home. So after doing what I was doing I went in to say hello. To find my little girl standing on all four, and she tried to walk to wards me; maybe five steps.

it is so good to see her up and about being able to stand again and go to the toilet. To also walk about the garden sniffing, and too be able to move from room to room, and to see her quality of life improve.

I truly feel so blessed, as if once again I have had the sun of good fortune shine down on my life.