What would you do if someone you previously dated contacted you again?

  • Rich_Chambo

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    Apr 27, 2013 6:10 AM GMT
    I have been on a couple of dates with a guy who I like but I have been contacted by someone I went on dates with a couple of months ago who I really liked (and still do) and he still likes me. We haven't contacted each other for over a month as it all went a bit wrong the first time. I want to try dating him again but I am worried it will end the same as it did before with him as I questioned him about something but he went funny with me. But I know it was me in the wrong and apologised.

    If i did start dating him again, what do I say to the one I have been dating recently? (We have only been on a couple of dates so its not serious or anything) I am just worried it may go wrong again and I end up with none of them. The one I dated first I do like more than the one I am dating now because we had a different type of connection and we both seemed to understand each other (plus he is very sexy! icon_biggrin.gif) What would you do?
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    Apr 27, 2013 7:40 AM GMT
    icon_cool.gifIt doesn't add up. You went on a few dates with a guy you like and think is sexy and he likes you and neither of you contacted the other in the past few months. You asked him something he didn't want to talk about so neither of you talk for a few months even though you both like each other.
    Go, with cautious optimism.

    It's ok to still keep seeing the new guy if you're not serious with either guy. The rules are that you still want to see both guys, you're not lying to either of them, and you make time to see both of them.

    Why are you dating the new guy if you're not that into him?
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    Apr 27, 2013 2:29 PM GMT
    I'm currently friends with 2 of my exes and my bf knows about them. It's not a big deal.
  • jackooh

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    Apr 28, 2013 9:39 AM GMT
    gunna need more info, what went wrong exactly? what did you question?

    A simple answer would be go with both! n after 3/4 dates with each see which one you like more from your gutt feeling n go with it! The past is the past dont dwell on it (cept we dunno what actually happened)
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    Apr 28, 2013 9:57 AM GMT
    My possibly sexist viewpoint, but I know some people say guys can be just as dramatic as women, but in situations like these, from my experiences I can say that most guys typically don't make such a huge ordeal about it. Why? Well, because we're guys.