Good morning my queer and non-queer friends. Dave McGrath called me last night. As you may have noticed, Dave and his son, Joe, are riding 1800 miles, on bicycles, from Idaho Falls, to Irving, TX to send a message to the Boys Scouts of America that queer people are people too, and deserve to be treated as such by a federally charted organizations such as the BSA. As it turns out, Dave's ride home turned turned into vapocar, and he needs a ride(s), or flight, back to Idaho Falls May 26'th.

No gay young man / bi young man / straight young man should be shunned by a publicly chartered organization, nor should his parents. Local media, on both ends of the trip, as well as some national media, have picked up the story. Can you help Dave ( OldScoutsPromise) and Joe, get back home, after a monumental ride over The Great Divide and The Grand Tetons to send a message for those who can't say it for themselves?

Thank you.