Torn between current job and a different opportunity

  • Jonno11

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    May 01, 2013 11:34 PM GMT
    So my company got slow and laid me off a month ago, which happens in industry construction come spring. Last week my boss said he might have work in another month, so I told him I would apply elsewhere and see what happened, but that I was still interested in working for the company I'm currently with.
    Fast forward to today, my current boss says he has a bit of work for me starting next week, and I also receive a call from the company I applied at, saying that had alot of work lined up and several different positions available for me, including one close to home, so no more weeks away up north, home every night, company vehicle provided, and a slight bump in pay, or other jobs up north, with a 25% bump in pay. But its an unknown, some of the jobs are short term, so I could be right back where I started in a couple months, which has happened with my current company as well. I like my current boss, he treats me good, and the guys I work with are good guys too. The new company seems that way as well, but its much bigger, so I would be more of a number.

    I've never actually been in this type of position before, I've been a long term employee my whole life haha, so this is new to me and I'm torn about which way to go. My one friend says go where the money is, bu I have also learned that having a stable company and a good work relationship with you boss and co-workers can trump any financial gains made if you don't like your co-workers or are in a toxic work environment. So, I turn to RJ. What would you suggest I do? I'm open to suggestions.
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    May 02, 2013 12:47 AM GMT
    I'd go with whatever you think is going to make you happy. does money make you happy? then go with it. does have a stable job make you happy? then go with that.

    Me personally, I prefer a stable job over money. having gone through instability before (even the military isn't always gaurunteed!), and not knowing if you're going to have a job tomorrow or not really sucks. especially when you have debt.
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    May 03, 2013 12:19 AM GMT
    I think that having a good, friendly relationship with your boss and co-workers counts for a lot, and for me would be the most important thing. Higher pay is nice, but just not worth it if the work environment turns out to be toxic and miserable.

    I worked for 20 years for one employer, and the first 10 years were great. I was friends with my co-workers, and looked forward to going to work in the morning. But gradually, due to a change in administration, the atmosphere there changed. The people I was friends with left, and the place became quite hostile. I put up with it for another 10 years, mainly due to the good past memories, but eventually it reached a point where I was constantly angry and depressed, and couldn't even sleep at night. I left, and took a minimum-wage job, but at a place I liked, where I was once again able to be friendly with co-workers. That was six years ago. The income reduction is difficult to live with, but the peace of mind is worth it.

    You never really know what the future holds. If you do leave your current employer, be sure to stay on good terms. Maybe if the new job doesn't work out, you could go back to the old one next time there's an opening.