I've been out for about three years now and although everyone else in my family is over it or I just stopped talking to them. I've had some members of my family embrace this side of myself. My mother is not one of these people. It's almost like she's bipolar. One second she's all 'oh I just want you to be happy' and the next second it's 'you're going to hell!' I have to live here until I graduate since I can't afford to pay for school and my own apartment at the same time. I pretty much keep to myself or I stay out of the house for the most part.

Things have been getting interesting lately. I don't really discuss my romantic life unless I have to. Like I'm about to die and she is willing to give me blood only if I tell her who I'm sleeping with kind of have to, lol. Recently two topics have been a recurring theme in her daily rants (to be honest they're semi daily because she's been tired lately lol):

1) I'm just setting myself up to catch something
2) If I'm going to be gay why can't I be gay with someone else black

The first one I can refute pretty easily. The second one I either ignore or I tell her I'm into the whole white supremacy thing cause it gets me off, lol. But I feel like we should be further along with this by now. It's been almost four years. She has had almost an entire presidential term to evolve, lol. Is there like a black version of PFLAG or something equivalent I can get her to be a part of or like a support group or something?