As you will know, for any of you born before 1974, the American Psychiatric Association said you were babies born with a "psychiatric illness," until they changed their minds, in that year. For those of us born before 1990, the United Nations World Health Organization said we were born with a "mental disease."

On May 17th 1990, the WHO also changed its mind.

In that these benevolent unelected "experts" were able to cure us of our natal disorders with the stroke of a pen, I am overjoyed (and relieved) to be able to marshal the wit to ask everyone to do something on May 17th for IDAHO Day (The International Day Against Homophobia).

This year, some 60 countries and 250 major cities will officially participate in the celebrations. One of the biggest (which I'm excited to be speaking at) is in Havana, capital of the United States' arch enemy, Cuba. A march, dance, poetry readings, theater, and one hell of a party - all heavily promoted under the auspices of the Cuban government - promise to show us, once more, how evil that country really is.

There will be no IDAHO celebrations - at all - held by our great ally, Saudi Arabia, where homosexuality is "illegal" and punishable by imprisonment.

In being confronted with the atrocities taking place in Nazi Germany, Pope Pius XII once said: "What are a few Jews, compared to the wealth the German church brings us."

Our "enemy" is bending over backwards to promote our rights.....but what are a few homos, compared to the oil of Saudi Arabia.

A few factoids for friends:

Cities in Cameroon and Cambodia will celebrate IDAHO Day; not one town in Kansas will.

The City of Liverpool, England will hoist the rainbow flag over City Hall.
The City of San Francisco will lower the United States and United Nations flags to half-staff.
(Talk about two entirely different approaches, right?).

The U.S. Department of State has issued instructions to all its diplomatic posts on how to be sensitive to the LGBT community throughout the world. Word has it that at least one ambassador, in his dotage, asked, "What IS a homosexual?"

The Central Intelligence Agency (go figure) was the first executive agency of the United States Government to encourage employees to bring same-sex partners to an officially sanctioned Gay 2000.

Homosexuality is found in more than 450 species; homophobia is found in only one. (Which looks "normal" now?).

The focal point of this year's campaign is on fighting the growing "virus" of homophobia on the internet and in social media, which is especially affecting our youth as this deeply rooted prejudice begins to hide itself in online anonymity. The word "faggot" is used in tweets a quarter of a million times.....per week.

On May 17th, call someone whom you know is homophobic or homoanxious. Ask them, in a civl manner, to change their point of view.

Yes, I fully realize that some of you might want to call....yourselves. icon_smile.gif