There are so many unbelievable creatures out there, many stranger than the fictional animals they inspire, even.
Like the leaf tailed gecko:
Or the armadillo girdled lizard that bites his tail when frightened:
Or the Pangolin, the real life Sandshrew for pokemon fans:
Or the mantis shrimp that punches with the force of a 22 caliber pistol, and has 16 color recepeptive cones in it eyes...god only knows what the world looks like to this guy...we only have three different color cones in our eyes.
Or how bout the Tiger Pistol Shrimp That has a frikking sonic cannon for an arm? It is the loudest creature on earth, and kills or stuns with the shock wave of the noise it makes.
Don't forget the Tibetan mastiff, a frikking Lion of a dog, and the worlds most expensive breed.
The orchid mantis, or the flower that bites.

Post your favorite exotic wildlife/insects!!