David McGrath, is riding from Idaho Falls, to Dallas...with his son, Joe, to bring attention to policies regarding sexual orientation in scouting.

Along the way, he'll be meeting with Matthew Shepard's mom in Laramie, WY. Today...Salt Lake, UT.

Fox 13, in Salt Lake, did a cool story here:


David is the father of Logan, who lived with me for 3.5 years. David wrote a great blog this morning. I found it very moving. That's here:


Dave's page for his cause is here:


Being gay, knowing Dave, and Logan, very well, and having been discriminated against, I support this cause. My mom's own brother ended his own life when he was confronted about his sexuality. No young man should ever be made to feel this way at a vulnerable time of adolescence, or any time. Gays scouts become gay parents, my friend pointed out to me.

No young man should be excluded from scouting over his sexual preference. It's not in the spirit of scouting.

Anyway, there's a donation page, great pics on Facebook, and a great blog, and a donation page on the blog.