I have three tattoos. All of them are large. I debated for years about what I would get (if anything) but finally was convinced to go for it when I was dating a guy who had several.

My first was a tribal-style pair of dragons on my right calf. The design and idea was "just 'cuz it's cool."

My second is my left armpiece. Not quite a sleeve, it is a composition of stuff that grows on my grandparents' tree farm in northeastern Pennsylvania. It features oak, maple, and cherry leaves, raspberries and blackberries, and a red eft. The decision to have it came when my grandparents decided that they could no longer care for the farm and sold it. In that way, it is a memorial.

My third is in progress, and is a full Japanese-style sleeve on my right arm. There will also be a chest panel that goes with it. It features three salmon, a tree, and will involve a storm of some sort when we start work on the chest panel. All of these images are powerful to me. The fish, in particular, represent Trinity, the tree is the Tree of Life, and the storm will be simple elemental power.

So, guys. Do you have tattoos? Do you want tattoos? What do you have and what do they mean to you?