I'm a South African and I've noticed how black people/africans are generally projected in the media -I don't think that I can watch that movie Precious. A) It's too emotionally traumatic and I dont like movies that make black peoples lives and families look psychotic.

Why couldn't The Cosby Show be made into a movie? Isn't that a representation of black peoples families ? For me The Cosby Show did a number of things in terms of the content and message. Bill Cosby, a GEINUS understood deeply my sentiment and was able to articulate my concern through the MOST powerful medium, TELEVISION.

The Cosby show, highlighted the fact that Black families in a normal working class setting, still had problems but were able to work them out in a healthier fashion... Will Precious have the same resonance with her audience?...next week? but the perceptions it makes of urban poor black families will in 10yrs.

In the gay community being black & gay means the overly perpetuated image of the self-hating “homo-thug” ..

In terms of the general standards of attractiveness, once again America has managed to propagate the most significant opinion and what is deemed 'attractive' is blond hair and blue eyes ...Travelling to places like Berlin for me is awesome because people haven't been as brainwahsed wiith negative stereotypes and people are people FIRST before their shades !