Circuit Training. Ever heard of it?

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    May 21, 2013 1:57 AM GMT
    I know this should probably go in the fitness discussion, but I was curious if anyone had ever heard of circuit training?

    I took a circuit training class in high school. Basically, we spend a minute on a machine, then moved onto the next one in accordance with the voice played over the speakers. Machines ranged from training biceps and triceps to legs, chest and crunches. Basically, it trains everything all in the course of the 18 machines. After about 18 machines, some of which were done multiple times, you were done.

    As I said, I did this in high school, and over the course of a couple of months to years, it did have some noticeable effects. A local 24 hour fitness lists circuit training as one of their features, but I had a few questions about it.

    As I asked above, have you ever heard of this?

    Have you ever done this?

    Do you think it would be a good way to start building muscle at the introductory level?

    Would there even be any gains for such a short amount of time?

    I honestly used to like it, and I think it would be a good way to start building muscle, but I wanted to know if anyone had previous experience with it, and if it did, or didn't work.
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    May 21, 2013 2:30 AM GMT
    I currently do circuit training. This after years of mass building workouts. Circuit training is the equivalent of interval sprinting, so combines lifting with cardio. Circuit training is geared more towards getting and/or staying lean, rather than pure mass building. If you want to build mass and gain definition, then do exercises that isolate muscle groups (curls, bench press, shoulder press, etc.).

    I combine mass building exercises with circuit training and doing so hits both goals (building mass with progressive, weekly increases in weight and staying lean since these are total body work outs).

    I'd recommend them. Just push yourself with weekly or biweekly weight increases. Working at your max, you'll likely have to cut down the number of exercises within your circuits, but work at your pace, track your progress, and be progressive.
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    May 21, 2013 2:49 AM GMT
    Yes, sweetie. This is a pretty common thing.

    Have you tried doing it again? You don't need someone yelling at you with a blowhorn to do it...