Well the A/C finally bit the dust in my condo and I am looking to replace the existing system instead of repairing it. It seems like a good time to also address the seriously inefficient base board electric heaters I have as well. As a side note I only have access to electric (no gas or geo-thermal).

I've had a few different businesses come and give me estimates on electric forced air heating and replacements for the condenser. All of them have agreed that some electrical work is needed to supply ample power to the furnace, if I am to go that route. On top of that there would be some cosmetic (easily fixable) damage in 1) removing the old air handler and 2) running new copper wiring. All of the estimates are around $5000.00 for this method.

On the most recent estimate, however, I received a completely different option of a split heat pump. I really don't know much about them, other than what I've dug up in online reviews. I apparently will not have to jump through any of the above loopholes and the bid was roughly $1500.00 less!

Do any of you have input on heat pumps? Pricing for installation, energy savings, and the less hassle have me leaning towards the heat pump. However, I live in St. Louis, Mo. and I have read the only work well in mild climates. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.