A tale about how homosexuality originated

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    May 23, 2013 3:52 PM GMT
    In the ancient land of the Sodoms, there was a barbarous tradition whereas male citizens of stature vote each year to sacrifice a man deemed to be least masculine. Therefore one of the primary concern of the males in this land is to maintain a front of masculinity, lest others perceive them as potential target. Objection to this tradition is unheard of, for any opponent of it would be considered less masculine.
    In time, people perceived to be less masculine decided that they would try to escape this fate. They would achieve this by seducing every man in their way, and exposing their encounter in public. They are in no fear of persecution because failure carries the penalty of death. In no time, other members of the tribe split into two camps: those in favor of making more people subject to the penalty, and those in favor of eliminating the tradition altogether. They debate day and night with no avail.
    At last they decide that they would reorganize themselves into two tribes: the Closets, composed of people loyal to tradition, continued the practice with renewed enthusiasm, and the Queers, initiated by people prone to temptation, indulge themselves with unbridled carnal pleasures. And this is the origin of modern homosexuals.
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    May 23, 2013 3:57 PM GMT
    Lol, that's funny. Although I bet half the guys here would throw me under that bus.icon_rolleyes.gif

    Queer power!!icon_smile.gif