Why the so called "scandals" of late do not matter.

  • conservativej...

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    May 27, 2013 4:34 AM GMT
    Perhaps it is somewhat surprising to a few RJ members to hear me say the recent spat of scandals, the two primary being Benghazi and the IRS actions in regards to conservative 501(c)4 filings, are much ado about nothing as to the ultimate effect upon one Barry Obama. In the case of Benghazi it was just one very unfortunate fuckup by those who would never accuse any Muslim of any criminal or terroristic action. Sort of reminds me of how guiltless another population became in folks eyes in the 1960's. The IRS, well that requires me to tell of my experience with the IRS, but I'll beat around the bush here first. Keep reading.

    I personally do not feel sorry for any conservative group, Tea Party or whatever, for not dealing with the IRS during the filing process. We all know that all politicians, both Democrat and Republican, prize and love what I call the Infernal Revenue Service because guess what, it provides the revenue they BOTH love to spend. For the left it is the mechanism that funds their glorious Social Democracy and for the right, well it funds the Department of Defense so many conservative live from - and draw massive retirement benefits from I might add, the conservative version of welfare.
    Now if you want your newfound organization to be a 501(c)3, where contributions would be deductible on your donors taxes, or the common political organization where the organizations income is not taxes but your donors may also not deduct it from their income as a tax shield, then you must understand the rules. Hold that thought while I march off in another direction.

    I think the only reason this entire IRS thinga-ma-bob ever came to light outside the circles of Tea Party groups was Liberals within the IRS simply wanted the opportunity to gloat concerning what they had accomplished. Yes, arrogance is never in short supply with Liberals.

    Now back to the meat. When one files for 501(c)4 status one must be willing to move the matter directly to an administrative law judge for hearing if the IRS contact one is working with becomes harassing. You see, once you do that, you can easily move the matter from under the administrative law judge and directly into federal court. Further, you let this little IRS dip shits know that is what you will do if they can't follow their own extremely well documented policies and procedures. I have found one can obtain assistance from even Democratic members of Congress when you inform them you will be happy to deal with the matter in federal court, after all, do not forget what we already know: Democrats are shit on a stick when you threaten their means to collect your cash.

    If you disagree that is well and ok. Long term the IRS will continue to be an organization infected by the left and will not change until America's entire system of government fails of its own accord.

    Have fun.

  • musclmed

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    May 28, 2013 8:24 PM GMT
    I think the scandal ( AP) is likely to hit Holder more than it will Obama.