House of Vamp is book 1 in a series of upcoming novels that not only reinvents the vampire but introduces Alexander Vamp, a 19 year old gay vampire that every young gay guy wants to be and every older gay man believes he was.

I am a gay indie author and this is my debut novel. It's two years in the making and I just wanted to share it with the RealJock community. This idea came to me one night while I was watching "Modern Family." I thought, "what if there was a mock-reality tv series set in Beverly Hills around a modern-day vampire family?" I started writing my ideas down and was amazed at the characters I was creating. Then I thought about how I would add new characteristics to the "vampire". I simply gave them issues that stereotypically are associated with Beverly Hills such as eating disorders and plastic surgery addictions to name a few. And I gave the family, The Vamps, the profession of high-end fashion designers.

A 30 minute pilot episode is what came from my initial writings, which I was going to attempt to send to production companies or producers. The Vamp family wouldn't let me sleep though and I just continued to write. After a few days I decided to do something I never considered doing before, write a novel. My background is in acting and filmmaking and it's hard enough getting seen even where I live in NYC. I knew getting a literary agent was just another daunting task. But I am someone who follows my dreams and always gives my interests a shot. When I finished writing book 1, House of Vamp (Home Sweet House), I reached out to literary agents and publishers both large and small. The larger ones nicely declined and the smaller ones didn't respond at all.

I knew the time for this novel was now, so I decided to publish it myself.

None of this was easy and marketing on little-to-no-budget is what I have to look forward to now. I believe in my characters, their entertainment value and their characteristics that each reader will be able to relate too.

Each of 9 family members represents a part of myself - my insecurities, weaknesses, and strengths. House of Vamp is MY great American novel... with fangs.

It's available via all ebook retailers: Kindle, Nook, Sony, etc and in print through Amazon and Createspace. I didn't post any links because I didn't want to break any of the forum rules. Just do a quick search for it!

I'd love for you guys to check it out and share it with your friends. I still have hopes of getting this developed as a TV series. The entire time I was writing, Jennifer Coolidge was my inspiration for Valencia Vamp. She'd be perfectly cast for this role!! So, if ya know her, pass along the book to her and you'll totally get credit for it.