Too Much Anal Sex

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    May 29, 2013 4:44 AM GMT
    Embarrassing Questions 101:

    What constitutes having too much anal sex? As a bottom I would like to know if I am causing any harm to my body. I don't want to be "too loose" or have bowel movement later on in life. Btw, I only play with average dildos and penises, so I am not talking about double penetration, fisting, or huge sex toys.

    Anyway, I would be glad to hear from you guys.
  • came2getdown

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    Jun 29, 2013 5:38 AM GMT
    I once heard a doctor say that you shouldn't have any problems later in life. He said, of course, the anus will remain loose immediately after sex but returns to it's normal size/tightness shortly after. The rectum is very elastic- Just think of the size of some bowel movements...and we do that everyday. However, if someone develops hemorrhoids or some other similar problem and continues to have anal sex without treating the problem- then he or she can do damage that can lead to serious problems in the future.
    Hope that helps!
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    Jul 11, 2013 4:07 PM GMT
    icon_surprised.gifHere's my thoughts, I go both ways when it comes to anal sex,icon_biggrin.gif, I LUV a dick in my ass pounding away, icon_surprised.gif but at the same time I can use anything to fuck mmyself,icon_redface.gif,all in all if you just be cautious you should have no problems,,Personally best dick I've had was a black guy and it was GREEEAT.icon_eek.gif
  • Daniepwils

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    Jul 11, 2013 5:59 PM GMT
    I have bottomed for about ten years. I am still super tight. And I don't just mean the sphincter, my entire ass is tight. . I am literally a tight ass, LMAO.