OK so I have had some good success with my workouts (went down two notches on my belt)....BUT...I need a new ab routine as I'm told it can get stale and results may wane if you keep the same routine. Anyone have recommendations for a good ab routine that does not involve a machine or apparatus. Just one that is me..the mat..and a towel for my head. Also - is it bad to do the ab machine every day? I do this...12 reps..three sets for left, right and middle..three times at 125lbs. Is it possible I'm overworking abs if I do this every day on top of my usual routine.

I'm getting excited because I have actually lost two waist sizes...and don't want it to stop...but feel I need some expertise now.... (FYI - my pic is an older one..I will update it soon with my new results)