Best advice for cutting things out of diet.

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    Jun 01, 2013 3:52 PM GMT
    Now I am a standard boring everyday college student (who still lives with family) trying to lose the last of the midsection icon_smile.gif My exercise routine is good- it's just my diet that seems to suck, A standard day is breakfast of cereal with fruit and water followed by my 10 mile bike ride continuing on to lunch which is a sandwich generally (PB and J or lunch meat (like I said I live at home icon_razz.gif )) and dinner is prepared by family and that is usually salmon or chicken or steak (or other things) with veggies and a starch (rice especially) the thing is we eat "clean" it's not like we eat hotdogs and fried chicken 24/7 or eat badly there are just bad carbs (rice pasta and the cereal) which are bad things I should cut but I don't know how.

    Advice please?
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    Jun 01, 2013 6:32 PM GMT
    I kinda have the same problem. I'm really limited in my meals, it's always what is in the fridge or what the family makes.

    I'm gonna start by saying I'm not as well-versed as many of the other members here, so I'm not sure if all or any of my ideas are right. It sounds like you do a good workout, and your meals are clean too. Like you said, I think you just need to cut out the carbs. You have two options here as far as I can see, either change your meals or take in less carbs.

    Option one is a bit harder because your best bet is to probably take out at least one meals worth of carbs, if not all but breakfast. (Since you workout after breakfast) Probably dinner, since you don't have much need for carbs so late at night. As long as you take in less calories than you're burning you'll slowly start losing weight.

    Option 2 is just to take in less carbs. Instead of half a cup of pasta or rice, try a quarter of a cup. Maybe just one piece of bread with the lunch sandwhich or just try a lettuce wrap. And focus on eating more veggies or meat. Eating less is another option too. Just don't starve yourself.

    If I remember correctly, they say that building muscle means you burn more calories, so that's another good option too, try building muscle in addition to doing cardio.
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    Jun 01, 2013 6:42 PM GMT
    Hey graniteknight!

    I think what might help you, is your rice in packaged foods like Rice A Roni? Although easy to make, it does contain a lot of sodium since it is processed so switching over to a bag of rice and cooking it from scratch will help cut the sodium down.

    Besides using processed rice (I've done it too), purchasing fresh produce is the best way to get nutrients, next frozen produce works well too. Canned Veggies actually have a lot of sodium to preserve it, so if you strain the food from the can, wash it off again, it gets rid of the sodium.

    Crunches and exercises that twist your midsection will also help you with toning your midsection.

    Try to stay with fresh foods more, less processed foods and that will help you on your way, both with trimming down your midsection, as well as your overall health.

    And don't rush getting out of your parents house, living on your own can be pretty expensive. I was about 32 when I finally grew my wings. There's no shame to it. It's just a difficult world.

    Hope this helps you!

    Best wishes and keep up the great work!
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    Jun 01, 2013 7:58 PM GMT
    I don't eat things like boxed rice or potatoes or things it's fresh stuff we get icon_smile.gif