Hidden Gem - Freeride MTB trail

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    Jun 03, 2013 2:18 AM GMT
    I was riding a flat urban pedestrian/cycling trail today (no fun stuff, just nice scenery) and noticed lots of small singletrack trails branching off of it. I rode a few of them only to find apartment complexes and other private housing developments.

    Then about an hour into the ride, I took a side trail and was amazed what I ran across shortly beyond the woodline...a whole shitload of freeride jumps, obstacles, and high banked corners for high speed turns.

    Due to the obvious private nature of the place, I won't say its location; but I will say it's in southern Delaware. Hopefully the trail builders will be there one day so I can meet them. They did an incredible job on this Redbull-quality course. icon_biggrin.gif
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    Jun 05, 2013 12:32 AM GMT
    bipedal saidKeep it on the down-low P.

    When people ask me where I off-road I am obviously vague. Which really pisses them off. People are generally entitled and stupid. They cannot see the forest or the trees. So they do not need either. They can just go to the club, sit and spinicon_cool.gif
    I met a couple "old-timers" today in Newark Delaware ("old-timers" = both 28 years old, but been riding these trails since grade school).

    They took me for a grand tour of the park. Neither of them have ridden in a year, and this was their first day back in the saddle. Well, on two occasions, they branched off the main trail into the shrubbery and fallen logs...definitely not a real MTB trail, but I hung tight and followed, thinking they were taking me to an awesome hidden delight. After a few minutes, they realized the trail had been rebuilt since the last time they rode, so we ended up in the middle of nowhere with shitloads of bees swarming us till we found a downhill section to outrun them. icon_lol.gif
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    Jun 11, 2013 1:24 PM GMT
    Buzzzzzzzz. Now that's motivation to haul ass and hammer the pedals.

    I understand the need to keep trails secret if those trails are on private land, but why be secretive if you're riding public trails? I guess I'm only now realizing how fortunate we are here in Berks County, PA for access to public trails that are mtb friendly. There are at least three venues within 10 minutes from my home that in total provide 100 miles of trails, and offer the mix from sedate canal paths to technical single track, and even reward with remarkable vistas. Expand that radius to an hour's drive and the available trail mileage triples.

    These trail vistas are all within 10 minutes of my home. Nice.

    photo BackupPhotos093_zps0b85133a.jpg
    Blue Marsh photo BlueMarsh_zps94788ec5.jpg
    Neversink Vista photo KlapperthalJunctionWhiteTrail_zps86adc4ca.jpg
    Klapperthal Junction photo KlapperthalJunction_zps50c3622f.jpg