I have had a unique opportunity to see inside the bowels of a beast that is most likely the worlds largest nonprofit organization. It is an international organization today and hails contributors from individuals as wel as major corporations such as Delta Airlines. At the moment is is straining under difficulty in the "systems" area, i.e. all that computation in IT that handles contricutions, grants, and day-to-day business. The question is why?

It seems a few years back this organization decided to use its contributors dollars to bring up a host of 8A companies to build its IT and business infrastructure. Of these, approximately three have survived on their own and now cater to nonprofits. What is unfortunate is what they left behind at the sponsoring nonprofit.

Sometimes one needs an answer to why they need a cash contribution before writing the check. I'm not sure such stupidity deserves funding.

Updates as the moles dig deeper. I think a CEO needs replacement.