How do I get male friends - gay or straight?

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    Jun 09, 2013 10:39 PM GMT
    Hey there!

    So I'm in a social slump. It's hard for me to find a group of friends gay or straight that are guys. Either they are superficial or they act tough and don't show any emotion. How do you guys find down to earth real trustworthy friends. I think it's because I can cannot to girls so much more easily and talk to them - when it comes to guys I can't get a word in edge wise or even know how to communicate with them.
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    Jun 09, 2013 11:03 PM GMT
    The easiest way to meet people is through other people. These various types of guys that you do not connect with might have friends or acquaintances that actually do have something in common with. Same for your female friends. Hang around with them, get invited to events and try talking to other people there.

    It's about finding people that are a good match for you. The more people you surround yourself with, the higher the odds of finding like-minded folks.

    Most of my currents friends can be traced back to one single girl I used to work with.

    For the record, once upon a time I used to feel the same way you do, and can recall using almost the same words.
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    Jun 10, 2013 12:28 AM GMT
    Well said! Thanks!

    I haven't even been on an actual date in forever because I keep myself busy on the weekdays and weeknights working and dancing. I do have an eclectic group of friends but I envy guys who have that guy group of friends they can just relate to and hang out with. I feel sometimes I am an outsider but I do feel worthy of finding real friends I can communicate with and relate to.

    I guess buying into the stereotype of having a lot of friends seems so appealing. Especially a group of guy friends gay or straight you can count on.