Favorite "Freedom"?

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    Jun 11, 2013 7:47 PM GMT
    The word "freedom" is tossed around rather cavalierly, with little apparent thought behind the word and the package it contains within. There are many types of freedom, such as freedom of speech, freedom of movement, and freedom from want. These freedoms are (partially) discrete, such that one person can have one freedom (say, freedom of speech) without necessarily having another freedom (say, freedom of movement).

    On that note, which of the freedoms is your favorite freedom?


    My favorite freedom is the freedom of movement, where I can go almost anywhere I want to without restriction. It allows me to visit those places I want to see, to be where I want to be, and to take advantage of other freedoms I enjoy (such as the freedom of congregation). Thanks to it, I can stroll through the city, the woods, and any neighborhood without first requesting and receiving permission from some form of authority.

    It is also the freedom I most fantasize about, largely through fantasies of flight and of flying wherever my whims may take me.
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    Jun 11, 2013 8:04 PM GMT
    I'll bite.

    Freedom from pain.