Ever been targeted by a predator?

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    Jun 12, 2013 12:21 AM GMT
    I was reading a another post about a guy who was drugged and raped and it got me thinking about my own experiences as a teenager with nearly being kidnapped, raped, or worse. It's not something you bring up in casual conversation so I have no idea how common it is.

    The scariest incident for me was after driving home from a restaurant job around midnight one summer. On the way home my car died on a dark empty road. (this happened more times than any car should..but that's another story). Only a minute or two later, a man in a VW camper stopped to help me. For some reason I was immediately suspicious of this guy...but he offered to help jump start the car but made a big deal about not wanting to get his clothes dirty. He was dressed like a schlep...that's all I can remember...nothing fancy. Then he made some half-ass attempt to struggle opening the back of his camper. I remember thinking...and I have no idea why... "This guy is going to try to get me inside his vehicle". Then...it happened...he insisted that I crawl from the front seat into the very back his running camper to retrieve his jumper cables. When he made that request, I heard an overwhelmingly loud voice in my head shout, "RUN, run right now!"...but I didn't. He finally got the back door opened...which he earlier claimed to be stuck..that's when he tried to grab me and throw me in, At this point run is what I did....and he immediately sped off..and I never told anyone. I felt stupid...and ashamed of how close I came to being a this dude's victim.
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    Jun 12, 2013 12:36 AM GMT
    Something similar happened to me at my university gym, far from as "awe worthy" as this but still pretty alarming.

    So there was this guy, 6'5 or taller and handsome and muscular. Totally attractive, but to be blunt I didn't even process him when I went to the gym.

    Asked me to spot him, asked me if he could work into my equipment multiple times, put himself right near my phone even when I ran to get a drink of water (which scares me because I had a picture of my deceased fiance as the background....).... Constantly there when I was around.

    I thought little of it and him at the time.

    He disappeared for ~ 2 months.

    Then when he came back he came back at the times I had been going previously, and not the other days. I changed my routine to a 3 day split 2x a week (6 days a week).

    He showed up every damn day. And I kept a log of every escapade that happened.

    -Putting himself directly behind me when I was doing deadlifts (on a benchpress)
    -Talking very loudly with friends within earshot about what he is doing.
    -Constantly moving to where I am at.
    *One day I was ACTIVELY DODGING him and he literally cornered me in the stretching room and said "goodmorning". I shat my pants.
    -Looking at me, staring at me.
    -Putting his ass right in my face multiple times
    -Ripping exercises from my routine he never did before
    -When confronted was EXTREMELY hot/cold.
    Said "have a good weekend" and he said "yeah."
    Another time he litterally barfed up life stories and what he went through with his ankle and shocked me with the amount of 'comfort' he seemed to have.
    -Always seemed to have a friend around me, if not him himself around me- I was swarmed.
    -He at least once or twice followed right behind me on campus....
    -I've seen him around me at random locations on campus. Which freaks me out because I am stuck in the medicine sector and he was a geoscience (from what he told me).

    (There are just so many... I seriously kept a "diary" on it.))

    Now the biggies:
    ****He'd always follow me into the stretching room... and I do ashtanga yoga to 'stretch'.... which can be rather vulnerable I suppose.

    Always right behind me. Every day. Every day- I kid you not.

    He would actually sit on one of those round bozu balls .... just sitting on it.... literally... just sitting on it staring into the room. (And I was right in front of him.)

    ****He'd always follow me into the showers, open showers. Literally. And was not flaccid when I had seen.

    Am I saying he wasn't attractive? No, he was- but his face honestly wasn't really that cute if you want me to be frank it was pretty boring.

    It actually got to the point where I was terrified of him and actually had to seek a counsellor for help.

    I go to the gym to remove stress, improve myself, and with my medical education I do NOT have any other time to go other than first thing in the morning... first bus out of my city I hop on and then get to campus and workout.

    I honestly got to the point where I felt queezy seeing him.

    And like, i'd be alright if he had just talked to me and was friendly... but the hot/cold and just putting himself around me and gravitating around and shoving his ass in my face....

    Queered out doesn't even begin to cover it.

    He's currently gone, I haven't seen him for about a month now....

    Before he left we spoke.... I thought I was rid of him for good.... but then he told me he was doing some vacation thing and I might see him every so often. Thus far I have not.... so he's on vacation I presume - which is what he told me. Or maybe he is doing some graduate student course for 6weeks.... I know 'spring' semester is almost over...

    I don't know if I ever really want to see him again. When we did talk I found his intellect attractive, but this hot/cold wbhatever this was scared me to the point where if I hear someone come into the gym I WILL glance over to the entrance.
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    Jun 12, 2013 1:02 AM GMT
    For OP glad you listened to your inner voice. For the second poster...I think he just trying to cruise you and perhaps you could confronted him about it.
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    Jun 12, 2013 1:04 AM GMT
    Sounds more like Part 1 of a porno rape scene.

    How'd Part 2 end up? Any video?
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    Jun 12, 2013 2:05 AM GMT
    Fivealive saidFor OP glad you listened to your inner voice. For the second poster...I think he just trying to cruise you and perhaps you could confronted him about it.

    I did.... and tried to even befriend him. But in the end he was so hot/cold it ended up intimidating me instead. icon_lol.gif
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    Jun 12, 2013 2:46 AM GMT
    Predator / stalker / deranged idiot: I've had one from right here. He's been repeatedly banned but keeps coming back. New name, new city, new age, new weight. A few traits give him away though (overuse of capital letters & one sentence paragraphs, for instance). My friends and I can spot him. He's got a borderline personality disorder. He once contacted my friends here via e-mail asking where I lived. Poor slob - did he think anyone would answer his questions about me? Here are his previous names: JockTheVote - Balancing - PresentMind. New he uses something new for the past 3 months (my friends have the stalker's newest name) and he now claims to be living in NY. All you can do is pity someone that sick.
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    Jun 12, 2013 2:56 AM GMT
    Thankfully no, but I always play it safe, so that's probably why.