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    Jun 12, 2013 6:28 AM GMT
    So moving with my boyfriend to Vancouver while he attends school. Can any of you mountain men recommend a decently priced, not too busy gym.. downtown or the east end. Also gyms to stay away from?

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    Jun 12, 2013 7:47 PM GMT
    the Trevor Linden gym's rates are phenomenal from what I've heard. I went to hillcrest for awhile -- it's an alright gym. The music is kind of garbage (though funny), and there's only one bench press machine, among other things. But if you work out in the morning (or, in general, not during peak times) it's cool. Rates were decent too, and includes access to the swimming pool, among other things
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    Jun 12, 2013 8:01 PM GMT
    Trevor Lindon has the lowest rates by FAR for what you get. It includes free tanning if you like to tan. Locker rooms are basic (no sauna etc and no fancy electronic lock lockers). The views are also amazing. They have a decent, not huge, amount of cardio machines and a small free weight area. The free weights only go up to 70lbs.

    Fitness world has fluctuating rates. That is, they have specials so often that what you pay depends on when you sign up. They also have a tiered system. You can belong to one gym, all of the locations excluding the sports club locations of all of the locations including the sports clubs. They have one sports club location downtown. The locker rooms have electronic lock lockers and a sauna and towel service. That said, the lockers were often out of power thus they didn't work, the sauna (and steam room) were usually broken as well and the equipment was getting run down. Also, the crowd is the total douchebaggy kind, unfortunately. They have a huge space and a lot of weights as well as cardio. The free weight go up to 100lbs at the sports club locations downtown. I found that for the extra money, it wasn't worth what I got. (forgot to mention that your membership includes classes like yoga, abs class, spin class etc).

    There is a 'regular' fitness world (not a sports club location) that has weights up to 90lbs on davie and howe. It's a bit bigger than the fitness world express on georgia and bute (with weights up to 70lbs) but it's underground with low ceilings and it's a bit dark. Nice if you want to lift heavy but I find it a bit tight (you may not have that problem). I can't vouch for the other sports club locations as I haven't been to them but I know there is one in richmond and one in Morgan Crossing. Check the website for all the locations.

    I should point out that fitness world is now called steve nash fitness world and the sports club locations are called steve nash sports club.

    You also have Denman fitness. I went once and from what I remember the equipment was old but in working condition. No idea about their rates.

    There is a new 24hr gym opening around robson and bidwell but it's not open yet and I have no idea what the rates are although they are rumored to be around 70$ a month. It's in the space the old golds gym was at (if that helps at all, I don't know how much you know the area).

    That's all I can think of. I know there are one or two more gyms around but can't think of the names.

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    Jun 13, 2013 5:35 AM GMT
    Thanks Boys! icon_biggrin.gif