True Love Stories

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    Jun 12, 2013 1:23 PM GMT
    Did you see the Adjustment Bureau with Matt Damon?

    We'll I've been living that.

    Not the walking through the doors and ending up in China part but the looking for someone for a year part.

    Long story short, In the movie, Matt met someone on a bus, they fell in love, the Adjustment Bureau separated them, and he travelled that route to work for a year until he spotted her again.

    (something like that)

    Here's my similar tale of ill-fated romance.

    I had a work-out partner who started out as a great friend but slowly became grouchier.

    I picked him up on the way to the gym for about half a year.

    There was nothing about him except the way he had 100 different reasons to put his arms around me while spotting me.

    And it was heaven,

    Then one day he said he had to go to court for hitting a policeman. After that, he mysteriously disappeared.

    His phone was disconnected and his house was empty.

    And that was that. It was pretty creepy.

    Then my company moved to down the street from where he lived. I've been passing his house for a year now, always looking to see if anyone was there.

    This morning I saw his father pull in so I pulled a quick u-y to speak to him.

    It seems my friend moved to another state without a word and doesn't own a phone any more. ???

    I gave his father my phone number for the next time he talks to him. Who knows if he'll call.

    Of course, I'm only telling this true story so I can post a hot picture of him. Who wouldn't make the extra effort?

  • MikeW

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    Jun 12, 2013 2:47 PM GMT
    A sucker for bad boys on the lamb, eh? I can relate. icon_redface.gif
  • AMoonHawk

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    Jun 12, 2013 3:46 PM GMT
    LOL, ya it happens. I was briefly dating a guy in my younger days. I introduced him to my best friend, he stop seeing me and started dating my best friend, my car got stolen out of my work parking lot. I had previously loaned it to him to drive so my suspicion is that he made an extra set of keys. They found my car abandoned in Kansas. A couple weeks later I heard that he had be busted in Orange County for car theft with a car that he stole in Kansas.