The Shocking Truth About Your Health

  • metta

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    Jun 12, 2013 5:37 PM GMT
    The Shocking Truth About Your Health

  • Shenyu

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    Jun 12, 2013 10:53 PM GMT
    i am shocked if i suffer glaucoma this early age or the link is just not here?
  • NeuralShock

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    Jun 12, 2013 11:23 PM GMT
    It makes total sense to me, because the mind-body connection is a very very real thing. The systems have been mapped extensively.

    If you need to break it down into the autonomic nervous system, neuroendocrine responses then so be it. With my background in neurology and my decent taste of clinical psychology these things make total sense.

    Am I a supporter of naturopathic medicine? NO. I think it is a sham, a fraud, a method to bank-in on people's naive insecurities. I despise naturopathic medicine.

    But what she is saying essentially sounds very similar to clinical psychology.

    -Healthy relationships
    -Satisfying your creative needs (Behaviors)
    -Finding a healthy environment....

    (Sounds like CBT tbqh.)

    And it has been explained ad nauseum by people like Maslow on the heiarchy of needs.
    Do I think this is all that shocking? No. Not at all. I find it logical.

    If you're in an unhappy environment, if you're not doing what you feel is right, if you are bottled up inside and not expressing yourself you WILL suffer for it psychologically.

    And dualism is a load of horseshit to be blunt.

    If you are feeling something then it will be represented in the brain, it will have a cascade of effects. And I can prattle on for a disgusting amount of how much it can adversely impact your health.

    So I agree with what she is saying.

    And I am an open supporter of cognitive behavioral therapy. Which is the best evidence based practice we have at this time.

    So not shocked at all. But I'd hardly call this alternative.