My name is Tim Lee and I'm having a comedy show on the 29th at the Carlsbad Village Theater! 

Featuring comedians who appeared on David Lettermen, Jimmy kimmel and had articles appeared in the NY Times.

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Here is a clip of his comedy:


Finally a comedy tour fighting for the rights of the handsome! "This month three men were deported from Saudi Arabia for being too handsome! It was a wake up call. I knew I had to do something" said Brad Warcock founder of the Incredibly Handsome Comedians. "I was bullied by player haters for as long as I can remember. For too long I was ashamed of being handsome. I thought it was my fault." 

Brad appealed to comedian Tim Lee. When Tim read of the plight of handsome men in Saudi Arabia he sprung into action recruiting comedians Monty Franklin and Andrew Norelli to the cause. "Monty and Andrew are courageous comics who have been openly handsome for a long time. When I approached them with the idea of a tour that brings awareness to the plight of handsome men around the world they jumped on board."

What is the mission of The Incredibly Handsome Comedians?

1. To inspire those men who are afraid of their own handsomeness to embrace it. Be handsome and be proud!

2. To someday be able to tour Saudi Arabia without fear of being deported.

3. To make the state of California officially recognize player hating as a hate crime.

Who are The Incredibly Handsome Comedians?

Monty Franklin: Originally from Melbourne, Monty is water man through and through. He enjoys surfing, moonlit walks on the beach and swing dancing to a live band. Monty’s numerous television performances include Channel 10s The Circle & Foxtel’s Stand Up Australia. 

Andrew Norelli: Andrew is a Sagittarius whose ruggedness is balanced by his soft side. When he's not racing motorcycles he loves to scrapbook. Andrew has performed on David Letterman and Jimmi Kimmel. 

Tim Lee: Tim is a bad boy with an intellectual edge. He enjoys travel to exotic destinations such as Sumatra and Bali. When home he curls up by the fire with a good book and a single malt whiskey. 
Tim has been featured in the NY Times and performed at the Melbourne Comedy Festival. 

The Incredibly Handsome Comedians launch their tour Saturday June 29th at 8 PM at the Carlsbad Village Theater. 

We are giving away group discounts please contact me for more information

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