I'm working on a Furloid of me called Zannon Uau Koitsu. First Furloid you record your voice in every vowels, pronouciation, and double letters possible to create a voivebank in wav formate.

Zannon Uau Koitsu in english means the pitifull robot singer. He has long blue hair, yellow body, blue fur, blue earings, arm warmers, a ear mic piece, brown leg warmers, brown boots, and a blue tatooe of 93 refearing to his data code. In the music codes for what he is on the piano scale he's:

Files (.wav's): 250
Size: 135366164bytes (125 M.B.)
Frequency Average: 113.1 Hz (A2
Logical range: C#2~B3
Tone: Deep yet soft
OTO: ?
Oritation: Gay

What do you think about his style? What do you think I should design for his alternative models? Heres a example of his older version dancing.

Although he's gonna be a hallowgram vitual singer I'd like you're opinions or, ideals what i should do.